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We work hard to keep sustainability at the forefront of our business. We do this by sourcing milk from local farms we believe in, aging cheese in our naturally cooled cave, and a commitment to renewable energy generation on our property.

Milk Sourcing

Our milk is sourced from two local farms: Booms Farm in Lake City and Lautner Farm in Leelanau County.  Our cheese is thoughtfully crafted from a local, identifiable milk source.  We meticulously direct each step of the process, from cow to curd. Our commitment to quality begins with our relationship to local farmers who are committed to the care and treatment of their animals.  We take great pride in the health and happiness of the dairy herd we rely upon to produce our cheese.

Natural Cave Aging

The cheese cave is a structure developed to imitate the style and function of traditional aging caves in Europe. It is specifically designed to monitor and maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions for the maturation of our cheese.  In this environment, the wheels of cheese will develop flavor while aging.