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Traditional Raclette

Leelanau Raclette is a semi-soft washed-rind cheese with a distinct nutty and buttery flavor. Aged for 2-4 months.  We use single-source cow's milk farmed in Northwest Michigan. 

The specialty at Leelanau Cheese, based on a 25 year tradition, first learned in the Alps of Switzerland by original owners John and Anne Hoyt. The legacy of exceptional crafting continues with managing partners Josh Hall and Gary Smith winning Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards in 2023.

"Racler," the French word meaning, "to scrape," hints at the European tradition for serving this Alpine-style cheese; Raclette is commonly melted under a grill and then scraped over boiled new potatoes and served with a side of cornichon sour gherkin pickles. Try it melted on eggs, veggies, in grilled sandwiches, burgers or steaks. We age our cheese in our cheese cellar long enough that it also is great sliced at room temperature and eaten with crackers and charcuterie. Pairing suggestions: dried fruit, nuts, and Riesling.